Camping Information

Welcome to Wallingford Sports Park and BunkFest 2024.

We hope you enjoy your stay. We are here to help so if you have any queries do come to the Campsite Office or Clubhouse and ask.

Arrival and check-in

On arrival, please report to the Campsite Office at the Sports Park entrance where you will be given camping information and wristbands for all members of your party; these should be worn at all times. If you have not pre-booked, we will take your details and payment (preferably by card). Note, at busy times, to prevent traffic queuing on the road, you will be asked to book in at the Clubhouse.

You will be directed to your camping location in one of sites A, B or C.

The Campsite Office is manned by our lovely volunteers from

  • Thursday 1pm to 9:00pm
  • Friday 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday 8am to 8pm
  • Sunday 9am to 6pm
  • Monday 8.30 to 11am

Security staff are on-site from 8:00pm to 8:00am, In the event of an emergency use 01491 520018.

If you arrive after the Campsite Office closes, the security staff will direct you to the Clubhouse where the bar staff will sign you in allowing you to go onto the campsite and set up.


Please park in designated areas without blocking emergency access routes. Reserved disabled spaces are near the main entrance of the Clubhouse and are clearly marked at campsite A.

  • Site ‘A’ campers cannot take vehicles onto the grass and should park in the main parking areas (except disabled camping)
  • Sites B and C campers may leave their vehicles with their tents at all times
  • Caravans, campervans and motor homes should be parked in designated areas.

Please display your parking window sticker at all times.

Toilet and washing facilities

We have showers and toilet facilities in the main Pavilion. These are ‘Ladies changing room number 6’ and ‘Men’s changing room number 3’. We ask that you leave them in a clean and tidy condition. Additional temporary toilets are provided on Site C. A chemical toilet disposal point is available near the Clubhouse by the Grundon bins. There are also Unisex toilets at the rear of the Pavilion near the tennis courts.

A disabled toilet with baby changing facilities can be found in the Clubhouse.

Washing up station

Two outdoor sinks with hot water are provided for washing up. One is on the right-hand side of the Clubhouse between the entrance to the Clubhouse showers/toilets and the Football Club entrance. The other one is on the left side of the Clubhouse near the Tennis Courts. Please do not wash up in the showers and toilets.

Drinking water

There are two drinking water taps. One is on the left-front corner of the Clubhouse and the other is on the left-rear side of the Clubhouse by the tennis courts.

Security and safety

The organisers cannot be held responsible for any personal property left unattended on the campsite. Please keep your valuables with you. Lost and found property reports should be made to the Campsite Office or Clubhouse.

There are security staff on site between 8:00pm and 8:00am. If there is any trouble overnight, you can find them in the Campsite Office, and they will also be patrolling the site. They are contactable by phone so please collect a contact number during your stay. Any problems encountered during daytime hours, please report to the Campsite Office or Clubhouse.

Any lost children/vulnerable adults should be reported at the Campsite Office or Clubhouse. We advise that the mobile phone number of a parent/responsible adult is written on the child/vulnerable adult’s wristband to assist with bringing you all back together.

There are trip hazards around the Sports Park so care should be taken when walking around, particularly at night. Please be aware of the brook on the South of the Campsite (Campsite C). You are advised to use a torch when walking around the campsite and returning from town during the hours of darkness. Should you have an accident, please report it to the Campsite Office, security staff or a member of staff behind the bar in the Clubhouse. Details will be taken and reported immediately to the Sports Park Manager so that an assessment and action can be taken to minimise further accidents occurring.

Drivers are reminded to drive their vehicles slowly on Sports Park property including, car parks, roads and grass areas/pitches. We operate a 10mph speed limit for the safety of everyone. Please be aware the general public has right of access via the permissible footpath in Campsite C.

No open fires or barbeques are allowed whatsoever. Gas stoves are permitted but these must not be used on the ground.

In the event of an emergency, call the Festival Office (at the Kinecroft) on 01491 520018 or dial 999 for the Emergency Services. In the unlikely event that we need to evacuate the campsite, please leave in an orderly manner and assemble in the car park area by the main entrance.

First aid

First Aid kits are available in the Clubhouse (behind the Bar) and at the Campsite Office. If a trained First Aider is required, contact the Campsite Office or the Festival Office 01491 520018.


We ask that you do not cause any nuisance or annoyance to campsite guests, staff or nearby residents during your stay on the campsite. No music may be played after 11:00pm.

Should you wish to make a complaint concerning your stay at the Sports Park, please contact the Campsite Office where the Supervisor, in liaison with the Sports Park Manager, will try to resolve the problem as soon as practicably possible.

We regret we cannot allow dogs anywhere on site, except Assistance Dogs.

In the unlikely event that your booking needs to be cancelled by the organiser due to circumstances beyond the organiser’s control, refunds will be at the discretion of the organiser.

BunkFest buses

The BunkFest Buses operate on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm. There are no buses available on Friday. The nearest bus stop at the Sports Park for going into town can be found on Hithercroft Road, 100 meters from the main entrance. You are advised to use a torch when walking back from the bus to the campsite during the hours of darkness.


When leaving, please remove all tent pegs carefully. Please dispose of all types of rubbish in the Grundon bins provided.

You are required to leave the campsite by 12:00pm on Monday.

Clubhouse Bar and Cafe

There is free Wi-Fi in the bar areas of the Clubhouse. Food will be available throughout the festival with hot food available in the mornings and in the evenings as follows:

  • Breakfast – Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 8:00am until 10:00am
  • Food all day from 11:00am to 10:00pm
  • A licensed bar will be open from 10:00am to 12:00am

Our newly created Pitchside café, with comfortable chairs and a terrace, will be open throughout the day, serving hot drinks, cakes, and ice cream. There are USB and socket points in the café for charging phones and tablets whilst enjoying the facilities.

Camping FAQs

All of your questions answered here.

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Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September

Wallingford, South Oxfordshire