Volunteer Stewards Information

Thank you so much for volunteering your time at BunkFest, we just couldn’t do it without you.

Please read the following information and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Clocking in

  • Please try to turn up at the Site Office 15 minutes before your shift starts.
  • Your t-shirt can be picked up from the new t-shirt pick-up point, near the Site Office.
  • Sign in and you will be issued with a hi-vis jacket and wrist band. Please return the hi-vis at the end of the shift.
  • You may be issued with a radio. Please make sure you know how to work it and test it before you go to your steward post.
  • The Site Office is next to the big beer tent and white double-deck tower on the Kinecroft.

The job

We take security at BunkFest extremely seriously. We have a professionally-qualified, trained security team on site at all times. The stewarding role is to give more ‘eyes’ to what is happening at BunkFest, not to step in and put anyone at risk.

If at any point you are not comfortable doing your volunteer shift, please radio in to be relieved.

 Post  Brief duties
Croft Road Managing flow of pedestrians and traffic going to main stage. General information.
St Johns Road As above
Friends Tent Restricting entrance to tent to Friends of BunkFest wristbands only.
Main Gate Managing traffic flow – advising and information.
Backstage parking Restricting access to the public and helping those with car access to park cars, being mindful to our limited space. Ensuring those cars that need to leave the parking area offload and leave promptly.
Main Stage Crowd management and safety, typically behind the barrier looking out towards the crowd. Disposable soft foam hearing protectors will be issued to you, which you must wear when working in front of the stage. You will be regularly rotated to reduce the impact of noise.
Floating Steward Walking around the Kinecroft, keeping a general look out and providing information

General stewarding tasks

Please assist as you can with enquiries or direct enquiries to the Festival Shop on the Kinecroft.

Please encourage parents with children to the Festival Shop to collect a wristband to identify lost children.

We ask:

  • You don’t leave your post unattended and wait for a relief steward to arrive.
  • You are not responsible for a child whilst you are on duty.
  • You do not drink alcohol whilst on duty.
  • You enjoy yourself and if you have any questions you ask!
  • If at any point you are not comfortable doing your volunteer shift, please radio in to be relieved.

Incidents and emergencies

A real emergency is VERY unlikely, but you need to be aware of what to do.Your priorities are to:

  • Protect yourself – Protect the public.
  • Inform the Site Office – they will call the security team or the emergency services if relevant, allowing you to deal with immediate priorities.
  • Make sure you know your exact location before going on duty.
  • If you are unable to contact the Site Office, then please call 999.
  • If you call 999 you must tell the operator your exact location.
  • Never end a 999 call yourself, they will end the call when ready.
  • Make sure the operator is fully aware of all details.
  • Inform the Site Office about what has happened.


Radio the Site Office and inform them immediately of any fire, however small.

We do not expect you to fight fires. In any event ONLY tackle a fire if:

  • After initiating an evacuation of the immediate area.
  • There is no risk to you.
  • There is no immediate risk to the public.
  • It is no bigger than a wastepaper basket in size.
  • You feel perfectly confident and trained to do so.

Health and Safety

Report any safety hazard to the Site Office. This includes broken glass, needles/sharps, exposed electrics, un­ marked hazards such as protruding marquee pegs etc. IF IN DOUBT, PLEASE ASK

Always ensure:

  • If at any point you are not comfortable doing your volunteer shift, please radio in to be relieved.
  • Exits and walkways are kept clear of any obstruction.
  • Report any over-flowing bins to site office to ensure there is no build-up of rubbish or combustible materials.

All accidents and near misses MUST be reported to the Site Office and the Health and Safety Officer advised.

First Aid

First Aid facilities are provided between 10:00 am and 11:30 pm. They are located near the Site Office on the Kinecroft.

Between 11:30 pm and 10:00 am there is no on-site First Aid cover and normal emergency procedures apply, i.e. call the BunkFest Emergency number, or 999 depending on the situation.

Lost children

Do Not Divulge any information regarding lost children over the radio or to the public.

If you do encounter a lost child, keep the child with you and radio immediately into ‘Control’ (Site Office) and use the words ‘Walt’ (for a lost child) and ‘Disney’ for a lost adult. Security will be called by control.

Due to safeguarding, you must not attempt to move the child or allow anyone but the security team to take the child.

The child will be taken to a safeguarding space with our registered DBS team and kept safe until their parent is found.

Parents (Disney’s) seeking lost children should be referred to the Site Office.

Disorderly public

We do not expect you to deal with difficult members of the public. We have Security Staff to deal with these situations.

Withdraw and radio Security or Site Office for assistance. If possible, keep an eye on the people involved.

Lost property

Please hand in any lost items, and refer anyone seeking lost items, to the Festival Shop.


You may be issued with a radio so that you can act as a point of contact for your venue or position. Please return this radio as soon as your shift finishes and ensure you:

  • Test your radio works when you receive it. Any problems, radio or take it immediately to the Site Office for a replacement.
  • Check the channel you will be on at the office.
  • Ensure you can always hear your radio so we can also contact you.
  • DO NOT use the radio for general chit-chat.
  • Only hold the transmit button when speaking.
  • Use plain English. Be clear. Be concise.

To transmit your message:

  • PRESS & HOLD the transmit button to speak.
  • ANNOUNCE your position and who you want to contact e.g. “Main Gate to Site Office, over” or “Campsite to Security, over”.
  • RELEASE the transmit key when you finish speaking.
  • WAIT for the other party to respond before sending your message.
  • Finish your message with “OVER”
  • Finish conversations with “OVER & OUT”
  • CAUTION – Be aware the public can hear your messages and responses!

Your radio call signs:

Emergency “FLASH FLASH”
The emergency code phrase is to be used for evacuation, events or incidents to involve emergency services. If you hear this message DO NOT TRANSMIT, LISTEN carefully for further instructions.
Security “SECURITY”


  • Volunteer/Steward Contact: Jo Whittaker Site Office)
  • BunkFest Telephone Number: 01491 520018
  • NMH Security Company (our security team)
Thank you so much for giving up your time. We hope you have a great BunkFest.