DS:UK Tribute Dire Straights

Sunday Headline Act

Main Stage – Kinecroft

Dire Straits are one of the most beloved bands in UK Rock History and Mark Knopfler is one of the most most respect songwriters and guitarists of our time – penning an incredible legacy of classic music that still gets more radio airtime than most.

dS:uK began touring in 2016 in their loving tribute to this amazing band, focusing on performing Mark’s music in the way that the fans love it and remember it. That is to say – with an unsurpassed accuracy and affection for the material.

“dS:uK…in Tribute to Dire Straits” have earned their reputation as *the* quintessential Dire Straits Experience by presenting a rollercoaster ride of meticulously performed hits and fan favourites that span the 20 odd years of the band’s rein, peppered with interesting history.

DS:UK’s festival appearances bring together your favourites including Tunnel of Love, Heavy Fuel, Lady Writer, Twisting by the Pool – and all of the other hits you were expecting to read in this list! You know what they are…

…. Johnny’s coming with the oldies goldies – be prepared to get a shiver in the dark!

Friday 30th Aug – Sunday 1st September

Wallingford, South Oxfordshire