Tom Seth Johnson

Friday 1st September

Main Stage – Kinecroft

Tom Seth Johnson says: “I’ve been writing songs since I was 12, I remember the first time I heard Oasis’ Rock’n’Roll Star… and ever since then I wanted to be one. I wanted to sing like one, I wanted to dress like one, I wanted to act like one. Most of all, I wanted to hear my own songs being sung back to me”.

“I’ve been a front man in multiple bands over the years and it was the greatest time. But I knew I needed to write songs that were true to me and true to my sound. I didn’t want to tarnish any of my own musical identity. And I think the only way I could do that was by going solo.”

“I’m 25, and I’ve been living in a small village in Oxfordshire nearly all my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m about to burst. I need to see what the world has to offer and what I can offer in return. I think my music will really benefit from that.”

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September

Wallingford, South Oxfordshire